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Elbex Technologies is a dedicated added value ditributor, mainly active for distribution in the Benelux and is fully independent. We have our own research and development, a proper sales department, laboratory for repairs up to component level and an after-sales service department.

Elbex Technologies is specialized in the production and distribution of advanced audio and video technologies in the world of security and video processing such as LPR, VCA, Facial Recognition, Video Synopsis and more. Elbex Technologies is a dynamic company with young employees who are very driven and have the proper professional knowledge and education. A trustworthy company that considers quality, professionalism, flexibility, effort and reliability to be their top priority.

Our whole range of products is professionally displayed in our brand new showroom. Please feel free to call us to schedule a visit. Our team of young and motivated employees will be more than welcome to help you discover a fascinating world of audio and video.

Elbex guarantees a fast and efficient response to technical problems and will provide efficient maintenance through its network of branches and dealers throughout the world. Elbex’s philosophy is that a satisfied customer is a well serviced/attended customer and that an efficient worldwide system is the best insurance for a long lasting successful collaboration.